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WELCOME to the official website for Cuscus, the best new indie music you'll find on the web! How can we make a statement so bold, you ask? We simply do not listen to any other music on the web. But even if we did, I'm sure you would agree that we're still pretty darn good.

CUSCUS is an original indie pop/rock band specializing in catchy and quirky songs with creative lyrics. If you like the playful piano of Ben Folds Five, the originality and style of They Might Be Giants, or the lyrical playfulness of Barenaked Ladies, you'll love Cuscus!

SO, if you're not already a fan, find out what all the buzz is about. Read the excellent reviews from the press and supportive comments from our fans. Listen to our songs, check out our albums, meet the band. You'll see why Pete Cockburn of Bulaka Music Magazine says that our latest album "honestly hasn't stopped playing since we got it!"

what's new?

NEW New Album - Buy our new album Fives Aren't Terrible now - and name your own price!

NEW New Songs - We have been posting new songs from our forthcoming album Fives Aren't Terrible! Lint Catcher, Six Foot Pole, Evil Smart Guy, and Little While are awaiting your ears.

NEW Cuscus on Facebook - Since everyone else is on Facebook, now so are we! Become a fan and get automatic updates when new songs are posted.

other news

+ T-Shirts, Boxers, & Caps - We've added new and exclusive products to the store! Confuse family, neighbors, and friends with products not available in stores.

+ Quick Survey - Take a good look, listen, & smell and then fill out this quick survey on the band and their new album bags of tricks. Quote-worthy comments will be posted here.

+ Promo - Check out the bags of tricks promo by Dave Swope! (You will need to download QuickTime 4 to view the promo.)

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What the critics are saying about Cuscus:

"Never heard of them..."

- New York Times


- Newsweek

"I love it! Oh wait...I'm sorry. I thought you said Couscous."

- Washington Post some actual comments from our actual listeners!


Cuscus was featured on WDHA 105.5 Homegrown Spotlight! If you want to hear more, be sure to let them know!

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