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the band

Cuscus is

+ Neil Marek (website|email) - guitars
+ Chris Bruzzi (website|email|links) - vocals, keyboards, lyrics


+ Mike Tichy (website) - bass, vocals
+ Kevin McDonald (website) - horn arrangements, vocals

featuring the Cuscamaphones

+ Jon Bruzzi (website) - alto sax
+ Joe Horwath (website) - trumpet
+ Pat Colleran (website) - bari sax
+ Kevin McDonald (website) - trombone

Who is Cuscus?

We grew up and still live in Northern New Jersey. I don't know if this has influenced our music style at all, but it has caused all sorts of psychological problems. For instance, when Neil isn't pretending to be a lifeguard, he thinks he is a pair of pants. Coincidentally, Chris is always forgetting his pants.

The band has been writing music together for about nine years, but we have known each other since the first grade. Take a look at us now, Mrs. Sheridan!

What is a cuscus?

The cuscus is actually a marsupial found in Austrialia (see photo). It is thought to be the laziest animal alive. The only time it exerts any energy is when you mess with his family or bother him while he is trying to eat.

We feel a special kinship with this unique animal. Unlike the cuscus, we at least think we can play instruments, while the cuscus has learned to accept the fact that it can't.


Cuscus would be nowhere without the extrodinary talent of Mike Tichy and Kevin McDonald. Mike is amazing on bass and vocals. Kevin does all the horn arrangements as well as an incredible job on vocals. Many additional thanks go to our great (not late) drummers Mike Catapano and Wayne Marek. Last but not least, we are grateful to the Cuscamaphones Jon Bruzzi, Joe Horwath, Pat Colleran, and Kevin McDonald (again).

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