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fishbulb was released on June 21, 1997 as Cuscus's third and most widely accepted album. Over one year of recording went into the album and Cuscus feels the results will be proof.

All of the 17 tracks on the album are brand new except for the instrumental Rubberball and a new high-energy version of Foxy Oak Trees (and Brocolli Patches).

CD $10.00

Clicking on the link above will forward you to Paypal where you can purchase our CD with your credit card. Paypal is a free online service that is very popular with online merchants and buyers for its ease of use and secure credit transactions.

  1. Essence
  2. She's So Happy
  3. Bitter
  4. To The Store
  5. Molybdenum
  6. Scoot
  7. Lock Stopped
  8. Don't Mind The Rain
  9. Wendi's Basement
  1. Rubberball
  2. Foxy Oak Trees '97
  3. I Like Monkeys
  4. Funny Hat
  5. Lizard Music
  6. Beautiful
  7. Milestone
  8. Hide & Seek

(music by marek, words by bruzzi/tichy)

Lucid eyes, all the better to see you. Such a good disguise youíd think sheíd rather be you, but I sense her essence. She isnít what she seems to be. I canít guess her reasons. Donít know what she wants from me. Donít go flirting around. Donít know just what it means. Donít keep wasting my time. In my head I save the daughters and in my head I warn the sons and in my head I tell the others and in my head my job is done.

sheís so happy
(word & music by bruzzi)

Thatís it. Today Iím going to turn my life around. I said today. I wonít need the girls who bring me down. Sheís so happy and thatís the way itís supposed to be. Envision me dancing up upon a pole, alive and free. When did I become so bold? Sheís so happy and thatís the way itís supposed to be. I used to find myself in a Caulfield letter. Just like Howard Jones said: "things can only get better". I know itís not clear now; Iím sorry Ďbout the weather, but when that sun breaks through youíll know love will keep us together.

(words & music by bruzzi)

When did I become so bitter? I never thought that I could hit her. Of course I never did, but I thought Iíd like to. Of course I never would, but theyíd say I was right to. When will you be home for dinner? The soup grows cold and I grow thinner. When you stay out late, I want to kick your ass. I want to know where youíve been, but Iíve learned not to ask. When did I become so bitter? Why do all my dreams misfit her? Iím never right, but my motives are true. Another night and youíll see just what I do.

to the store
(music by bruzzi/marek, words by bruzzi)

I went to the store with my friend. We went, we went, we went again. We bought Italian Ices and we bought Slim Jims and we walked a thousand miles Ďcause we did not have our licenses. No, we didnít, but who cares? No, we didnít have our licenses, but who cares? I went to the store with my friend. Digame digame adonde puedo comprar. We went, we went, we went again. Digame digame adonde puedo comprar.

(music by marek, words by tichy/bruzzi)

I lie back in bed trying to decide when or better yet, should I see her again. Then I saw the shiny metal keychain on my desk which she slipped me in the pocket of my vest. I second guess to see what she means to me. Sheís just another notch in my belt and a chain full of keys. Shiney metal keychain on my desk which she slipped me in the pocket of my vest. Maybe Iím crazy, maybe Iím dumb, Molybdenum. Now Iíve got the power. Iíve got the plan. Canít rule out the others; Iíll give them a chance, but Iíll keep the shiney metal keychain on my desk. I guess this means that I must have passed her test.

(music by marek)

lock stopped
(words & music by bruzzi)

Iíd be happy to do tricks for you: I eat the lettuce and I spit it out. Iím a very good good dog. Iíd just like to make a point: when I see you go away I know youíre going somewhere that Iíd rather be, but Iím lock stopped, lock stopped, stay at home.

donít mind the rain
(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

I didnít mean to call so late. Were you sleeping? I heard it on the news today: it looks like rain. I know I said once before that I donít really mind the rain. I just want to waste my time away. Why donít you waste your time with me? I know I said once before I donít really mind the rain. I know I said once before I donít care about the pain.

wendiís basement
(music by marek, words by bruzzi/mcdonald)

Itís almost too much time that youíve given me to think and I can bungle up almost anything. It seems Iíve lost the key to Wendiís basement. It seems Iíve lost the key to Wendi. If I could just have held that key, thereíd be something I could do. Send me back to yesterday and I'd keep it in my shoe. With you not here who can help me? Canít stand the fear when you are not here with me, Ďcause Iíve tried and Iíve tried to tell her I donít want to lose another (allegorical or literal) again. You have locked out me. It seems Iíve lost the key to Wendiís basement. It seems Iíve lost the key, but itís not my basement.

(words & music by bruzzi)

My rubberball bounces out of my hand into the street and into the gutter and into the sewer and into the water and into the river. Itís out of my hands!

foxy oak trees Ď97
(music by marek, words by mcdonald)

Take me there, oh wonít you take me there to those foxy oak trees and broccoli patches. I was looking, couldnít find them anywhere. Running faster and I was getting scared.

i like monkeys
(words & music by bruzzi)

I like monkeys, they laugh and they swing. I like monkeys, they do funny things. I like monkeys, sometimes they eat their own crap and I say hey there monkey, come on man, donít do that. I like monkeys! I like monkeys, theyíre simpler than us. I like monkeys, theyíd have more fun on a bus. I like monkeys, on my birthday when I was ten I made a wish I had a monkey for a friend. I like monkeys!

funny hat
(music by w. marek)

lizard music (info)
(words & music by bruzzi)

I hear the lizards sing. They dance and sway all night long. They said make sure you bring the Chickenman on your journey. Wonderful was the place; it was an invisible island in the center of Lake Mishagoo. Iíll see you there too. He said his name was Vincent Van Gogh and all the mysteries he would show me. "Follow me to that place Ďcause they are strange, but I like them." We walked for miles and miles; lizards enjoying everywhere. Reynold and Reynold were our guides and so was Reynold. I hear the lizards sing. They dance and sway all night long. Youíll never forget what you saw, Ďcause they are strange, but I like them.

(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

Funny what she wonít know, how blind she can be. She loses all sense and reason temporarily. She stands before her mirror wishing for the subject of poetry. Needs no makeup on her face; her skin glows naturally. The sweet perfume of her canít be bottled, brings me to my knees. Things couldnít be much clearer. Iíd give my eyes so she could see. I tell her honestly. I tell her what she canít see: "Youíre so beautiful, beautiful to me. Beautiful, beautiful..." The world stops when she smiles, the world stops when she smiles...beautiful. Sundresses guessing what you feel like, well I feel my heart swell in your sight...beautiful.

(music by bruzzi)

hide & seek
(music by marek, words by bruzzi)

She runs and I hide and I wait till she comes inside the room directly to my left as she stops and catches her breath and I jump and I scare her as she turns white and so does her hair. Her eyes pop cold and serene and she falls dead right on the scene. I donít know where and I don't know when this thing is happening. This thing thatís happening.

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