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Those who have stayed...

D A V E: Behind The Camera With Dave... new
After picking myself up off the road, Dave got busy with various multimedia projects. Stay tuned for upcoming releases, samples, and production tips.

T Y L E R: Indecision 2000
After failing miserably at predicting the last presidential winner, Tyler has begun Indecision 2000 where he offers his unique outlook on each of the candidates, their parties, and their pants.

Acting as the mastermind behind the Cuscus Comeback Tour 2000, Neil has been finishing up on production by putting together the photoshoot and working with Chris to mix down their songs. Visit the
Cuscus website for more information.

J A C K: Jack Reiling's Theater new
Check out his new short film called "Tailgating with Jack Reiling" with special guest appearances by Dave and Neil. Dave Swope also does the editing on this masterpiece.

B E R N A: Diving With Berna
Berna takes us into a world that not too many of us are fortunate enough to experience first-hand...the world of scuba diving. With years of experience gained from hours of watching aquariums, renting and rewatching the movie Splash, and practicing holding her breath face down in her kitchen sink, each month will feature a new underwater adventure.

P A T S Y: Pat's Place
From Nascar to cooking, Pat's Place covers it all. Pat features upcoming predictions on Nascar races, tips on making homemade wine, and life after being an accountant.

C H R I S: The Land Where The Cuscus Play
Working diligently on the wacky new Cuscus album titled "Bags Of Tricks" which will be released in June 2000. Check out the Cuscus site for new merchandise like T-Shirts, mugs, and mousepads! Also check out the pen and ink drawings which are currently on display in the Randolph Art Association show.

Those who have strayed...

If you see this please call!

Living his life long dream of living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Currently has a big time job, a girl named Diana, and a cat named Oscar. Still believes that he is the character that the book "The Catcher in the Rye" was written about.

Awaiting the comeback after knee surgery, it has been almost two years since Anuj has played ball at full strength. How will he do? Will he and his 12-inch vertical get injured the first day back? We'll find out. He has also moved out of his parent's house and is now living somewhere in Hoboken under an assumed named.

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