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lizard music

(words & music by bruzzi)

You can find the upbeat hit song lizard music on Cuscus's fishbulb album. The song is based on the children's novel Lizard Music by Daniel Pinkwater and has been very popular with his fans!


I hear the lizards sing. They dance and sway all night long. They said make sure you bring the Chickenman on your journey. Wonderful was the place; it was an invisible island in the center of Lake Mishagoo. I’ll see you there too. He said his name was Vincent Van Gogh and all the mysteries he would show me. "Follow me to that place ‘cause they are strange, but I like them." We walked for miles and miles; lizards enjoying everywhere. Reynold and Reynold were our guides and so was Reynold. I hear the lizards sing. They dance and sway all night long. You’ll never forget what you saw, ‘cause they are strange, but I like them.


To: Daniel Pinkwater
From: Chris Bruzzi

I am a 23 year old musician. I don't know if you'd say I 
was aspiring, but I'm having fun. I am also a big fan of 
your slightly warped mind. It has greatly influenced my own
slightly warped mind since elementary school when my 5th 
grade teacher Mr. Hibbard would read us your stories. I am 
in the process of writing a song based on Lizard Music and 
was wondering: A) is this legal, and B) if so, would you 
mind? If you would like to screen my lyrics/music first, 
they can be internetidly reached at 
To: Chris Bruzzi
From: Daniel Pinkwater

Chris, as far as I know, it is not illegal to write songs. 
However, I am no lawyer. There are many local laws on the 
books. It is illegal to converse with chickens, or other 
poultry, in North Carolina, and to do so on Sundays in 
Delaware, for example. It may not be legal to write songs 
in your community. Before putting pen to paper, I would 
seek counsel, or visit a law library. You are prudent to 
raise these questions before undertaking the arduous work 
of composition. 


You can listen to the full version of this song courtesy of by clicking here.


CD $10.00

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