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neil marek

Hello and welcome to the Neil portion of the Cuscus website. As you can see my ass is a big part of the band and itís creative energy. Recently I was interviewed by a major newspaper and/or magazine. Here is part of that interview:

Interviewer: Tell us about the ass shots that did not make the album, why didnít they?

Me: I really donít know why.

Interviewer: How is it working at Joe Viggs Studios?

Me: It is an outstanding facility which is sound proof by rugs and other Utensils found around the house. He charges a dunkin donuts coffee per recording studio and it requires his parents not being around for like 2 hours so we can record the songs.

Interviewer: I noticed that many former Patel band members recorded on this album.

Me: That is not a question.

Interviewer: Okay ass, how was it working with TBAG, and Mike Catapano?

Me: TBAG is amazing and will be having his solo album out very soon. He is currently working hard at TBAG studios. We were fortunate enough to work with both those individuals, they are both extremely talented.

Interviewer: Who else did you work with on this album?

Me: Kevin McDonald. He is also another amazing musician, we were luckily to get a hold of him , he is also a part of the Cuscusmaphones which is the best horn section in the business.

Interviewer: Why has it taken so long for this album to be done?

Me: There were many technical difficulties, snow storms in April, software & hardware problems, flooded basements of houses not yet built, scheduling problems, and just general problems. Most of the songs have been recorded for a while, itís just hard to get everything done when things break know what I am saying.

Interviewer: Yes, yes I do.

Interviewer: I noticed there is a song on here recorded twice, one with horns, one without..why is that?

Me: This was the first time that I can remember that Chris and I felt strongly about how a particular song should go. We were split right down the middle and neither of us were going to give in, so we decided to put 2 different versions out, with two different melodies...I liked how both of them turned out.

Interviewer: Rumor has it that Cuscus is going to jam a few dates in Pennsylvania with Velvet Elvis, is this correct?

Me: Yes, if we can find the house...

Interviewer: Do you think you will ever record with Velvet Elvis?

Me: I wouldnít rule it out, itís really up to them, they might go on an extended tour in the Vermont area.

Interviewer: How come there is no release party or video this time out?

Me: There was no time, Chris and I are tied up in other projects right now and it just wasnít feasible at this time, plus I think we actually lost money on the release party. You're just looking for free beer.

Interviewer: Yes...yes I am.

Interviewer: Anyway, I also realized that your incredible beautiful and understanding girlfriend was not the photographer for the insert shoots, why did you decide to change and go with Jack Reiling and Dave Swope?

Me: First, we tried shooting the pictures many times, but could never get everyone together, we even got cancelled in April because of snow. When we finally were able to get everybody, Berna was involved In a high-profile photo shoot in the Dominican Republic near Puerto Plata. We went with Jack because of his work in Playboy and we went with Dave because of his work in Playgirl.

Interviewer: What about that Jun Kamata/Mike Low Project, is Cuscus going to be involved in any of those recordings?

Me: Again I wouldnít rule it out, it is up to them, I am a big fan of "The Greatest Love of All" remake...and "The Old Navy song."

Interviewer: Well I am looking forward to hearing the album... ass

Me: Thank you... ass

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